virtual client experience

Say goodbye to outdated role-play exercises that fail to capture the complexities and nuances of real-world scenarios. We've replaced these with live, immersive simulations that provide a realistic environment for students to develop essential therapy skills. These aren't just any simulations; they are as authentic as it gets.
Meet the next-generation standardized patient.
We offer human-powered simulations in real-time, providing synchronous sessions for individuals or groups. Each student has direct contact with a simulation specialist who plays the part of a realistic client seeking treatment for various mental health situations.

Through these lifelike virtual environments, learners can practice and enhance their mental health assessment and treatment skills. This hands-on approach boosts confidence and proficiency as students engage with a diverse range of scenarios and virtual clients replicating real-life experiences.
Meet a Simulation Specialist


We offer two distinct types of simulated experiences:
Virtual Patients
Immerse yourself in affordable standardized patient training. Directly engage with a trained specialist, offering an experience that supersedes traditional "role play". Students witness genuine reactions, intricate human behaviors, and nuanced body language, ensuring an enriched learning journey.
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Simulated Clients
Dive into a world where technology meets genuine therapeutic engagement. Using AR-driven avatars animated in real-time by trained specialists, these sessions ensure authentic conversation dynamics. With the ability to tailor scenarios, environments, and personas, it's an ideal choice for both generalist approaches and setting-specific synchronous simulations.
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Experiential Training

Training  provides a “flight simulator” to practice critical skills prior to engaging with real clients.

Authentic Practice

Simulation gives learners authentic experience, finding meaning through interpretation of reality.

Continuing Education Credits

We give working professionals a more engaging and effective option for earning required CE credits.


Small Group Session
For 8-10 learners
Designed for online, peer-to-peer learning. Often used in a section of a graduate program, this is our most common offering.
Demo Session
For large classrooms
Lecture demonstrations can be invaluable for students to understand the subtleties of counseling and therapeutic techniques.
Classroom Session
For all classroom sizes
Simulation specialists “join” class via a provided Zoom link to interact with students during classroom time as part of the scheduled curriculum for the day.
1:1 Student Session
For graded assignments or projects
Designed for private practice scenarios in which a learner participates in an independent session. The session is recorded with consent from the Learner at the start of the session.