We understand that every learner's journey is unique, which is why we offer two tailor-made payment models. Choose the option that best aligns with your educational goals and budget, and embark on an unparalleled learning experience in mental health education.


Like picking the right textbook for your course, our Student Pay model offers students the convenience and affordability of renting course content. This flexible option is designed for for instructors looking to quickly adopt academically rigorous and experientially rich learning tools without the complexities of institutional procurement processes, and ensures that every student has access to our premium educational materials, empowering them to learn at their own pace without financial strain.
Experience Package
Per Student, Per Term $70
Full access to all GA products, including up to 10 Asynchronous Simulations and 5 Immersive Practicum Labs, plus an exclusive 1-hour Classroom Session with the Virtual Client Experience for a truly comprehensive educational package.
  • Enjoy the full spectrum of GA's educational tools.
  • Experience a seamless blend of asynchronous and live training.
  • Prepare for real-world scenarios with advanced simulations.
Immerse Package
Per Student, Per Term $50
A comprehensive blend of up to 10 Asynchronous Simulations and 5 immersive Practicum Labs, ideal for students seeking a deeper, more interactive learning experience.
  • Dive into hands-on, practical learning.
  • Benefit from a combination of theory and practice.
  • Enhance your skills with immersive scenarios and AI assessments.
Inspire Package
Per Student, Per Term $20
Access to a rich library of up to 15 Asynchronous Simulations, perfect for independent, flexible learning that enhances understanding at one's own pace.
  • Tailor your learning experience
  • Engage with content that fits your schedule.
  • Develop in-depth understanding independently.


Ideal for institutions prioritizing a robust curriculum, our Institutional Pay model covers content license costs, enabling seamless integration of Genius Academy’s simulations into your LMS. Our model is designed to align with the needs of educational institutions committed to delivering excellence in mental health education.
Tier 1: Per Student
Tier 1:
Per Student
Tier 2:
100+ Students
Tier 3:
500+ Students
Tier 4:
1,000+ Students
Asynchronous Simulation Library
Our cutting-edge asynchronous simulations provide immersive, first-person scenarios that effectively transform mental health education. They serve as an advanced, engaging learning tool for the learners to seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with practical applications.Pricing is per student, enrolled in your program annually. Learners will get full access to the library, and you will get unlimited integrations throughout your program courses, where applicable.
$9.99 Monthly or $40 Yearly
$3,000 Yearly Subscription
$12,500 Yearly Subscription
$20,000 Yearly Subscription
Asynchronous Simulation Library
+ Immersive Practicum Lab
Crafted for the dedicated learner, this individual package combines the power of asynchronous simulations with our cutting-edge Immersive Practicum Lab. Embark on a learning journey with academically backed multimedia case studies, while benefiting from machine learning-driven assessments. From soft skills evaluations to diagnostic accuracy, treatment plan development, and competency alignment, this subscription is the future of comprehensive, individualized learning.
$100 Yearly
$8,000 Yearly Subscription
$30,000 Yearly Subscription
$45,000 Yearly Subscription


The Virtual Client Experience at Genius Academy is a dynamic, interactive learning tool designed to complement both Student Pay and Institutional Pay models. This unique add-on is structured on an hourly rate, providing flexibility and adaptability to suit various educational settings and budgets.
Virtual Patients
Direct engagement with a Genius Academy simulation specialist
$225 - $400 per hour
based on annual usage
Simulated Clients
AR-driven, high-fidelity interactions powered by a Genius Academy Simulation specialist
$315 - $500 per hour
based on annual usage


In the Student Pay model, the cost of the Virtual Client Experience is divided across the number of participating students. This approach makes the addition of this invaluable tool financially accessible for individual learners, enabling them to:
This distributed cost model ensures that students can affordably access high-quality, experiential learning without significantly impacting their budget


For institutions opting for the Institutional Pay model, the Virtual Client Experience is offered through tailored hourly bundles. This arrangement allows institutions to
The hourly bundle system in the Institutional Pay model offers institutions the ability to efficiently incorporate advanced simulation training into their educational offerings, aligning with their broader academic goals.


Select from our tiered service packages, designed to meet your administrative needs. Each package offers unique features like scheduling, video upload support, customer service, and more.
Gold Package
Comprehensive support at
Silver Package
Enhanced assistance at
Bronze Package
Basic services at