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We're changing the future of mental health teaching and practice by bringing together Hollywood production and academic theory.

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Transforming Mental Health Education

We believe online education is more than a zoom call or a talking head. It’s about experience. We’re a passionate group of teachers, educators, storytellers who have joined together to create education that is not only an immersive experience, but it also motivates learners by encouraging an emotional connection to the topic at hand and increases retention.
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Higher Competency Scores
Elevated Performance in the Field
Increased learning and retention
Experiential Learning

Textbooks Teach.
Experience Educates.

Today’s students often struggle to engage with dense textbooks. Even the best instructors have difficulty helping them connect with the material, especially in an online/hybrid learning environment.
Asynchronous Simulations:
Our approach encourages the learner to exercise their critical thinking skills through their interpretation of the stories.
Narrative Pedagogy:
Our story-based teaching enhanced with cinematic language that creates a personal connection to the material.
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