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Experiential learning tools designed for integration into your psychology, social work, and counseling courses.
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Our human-powered simulations and machine learning interactive assessments are delivered in real-time and put learners in direct contact with a trained simulation expert who assumes the role of a realistic client seeking treatment for a variety of real mental health situations.

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Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle

Kolb’s model suggests that learning is most effective whenit involves a process of experiencing, reflecting, conceptualizing, and experimenting. At Genius Academy, we utilize modular content to scaffold experiential learning experiences by creating a learning pathway that aligns with Kolb's model.

Why choose virtual simulations for your learners?

Experiential Training

Hands-on training with our simulations, which provide a realistic representation of diagnosing patients in real-life scenarios to help learners determine appropriate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Authentic Practice

Give students the chance to simulate a clinical or therapeutic setting using virtual patients that respond to their treatment. As they interact with clients, they receive feedback and training from their instructors, enabling themto adjust their approach as required.

Built for Behavioral Change

Simulations provide learners with the opportunity to make confident, well-informed decisions and receive immediate feedback on their performance. In turn, motivating learners to recognize and correct areas for improvement.
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Interactive Assessments

Say goodbye to traditional assessments that fall short in capturing true abilities and readiness for real-world challenges. Our Interactive Assessments discourage cheating by providing engaging simulations that demand active application of knowledge and skills. This ensures an authentic and meaningful learning experience that truly reflects your abilities.
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Asynchronous SIMULATIONS

Replace traditional paper ‘case studies’ with our digital library of academically-backed multimedia case studies, providing learners with engaging and up-to-date training.
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Virtual Client Experience

Replace traditional, unreliable “role play” exercises with authentic, immersive synchronous simulations to develop therapy skills and prepare students for real-world practice.
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