At Genius Academy, we are passionate about bringing a revolution in mental health education. We believe that while textbooks instruct, it's the immersive experiences that truly enlighten. Our mission is to unlock potential and cultivate success by immersing students in lifelike simulations that mirror the challenges and triumphs they will encounter throughout their careers.
Our human-powered simulations and machine learning interactive assessments are delivered in real-time and put learners in direct contact with a trained simulation expert who assumes the role of a realistic client seeking treatment for a variety of real mental health situations.


Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle

According to Kolb's model, effective learning entails experiencing, reflecting, conceptualizing, and experimenting. At Genius Academy, we leverage modular content to facilitate experiential learning by designing a pathway that aligns with Kolb's model. This approach enhances the quality of learning experiences and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
Asynchronous Simulations
Replace traditional paper ‘case studies’ with our digital library of academically-backed multimedia case studies, providing learners with engaging and up-to-date training.
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Immersive Practicum Lab
Combine the power of machine learning and immersive asynchronous simulations to create an unparalleled assessment environment, designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.
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Virtual Client Experience
Replace traditional, unreliable “role play” exercises with authentic, immersive synchronous simulations to develop therapy skills and prepare students for real-world practice.
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Imagine a world where your students are not just reading about practice, they're living it. They're not just diagnosing hypothetical patients from textbooks, they're facing lifelike simulations that challenge their understanding and decision-making skills in real-time. And the mistakes they would make only after seeing the effect?

That's the immersive, transformative education experience Genius Academy offers. In this digital age, learners are bound to encounter complex issues that demand more than textbook knowledge. Traditional internships, while valuable, may not offer the breadth of exposure they need due to geographic limitations or lack of diversity in cases. This is where Genius Academy steps in to bridge the gap.

Experiential Training

Our high-fidelity simulations plunge learners into the heart of clinical scenarios, offering a realistic representation of diagnosing and treating patients. This hands-on approach enables students to hone their skills and make appropriate diagnoses and treatment plans

Authentic, Unlimited Practice

Genius Academy's platform allows learners to simulate clinical or therapeutic settings using virtual patients who respond realistically to their interventions. With feedback from our sophisticated AI tool and trained instructors, students can continually refine their approach, maximizing their learning potential

Designed for Behavioral Change

Our simulations are not just about knowledge acquisition; they're about fostering behavioral change. As learners make decisions and receive immediate feedback, they're empowered to identify areas for improvement and adapt their strategies. This fosters confidence, sharpens decision-making skills, and encourages proactive learning.

Competency Alignment

Genius Academy aids in competency development  and reporting as aligned with CSWE, APA, CACREP, and other accreditation bodies. Our commitment to meeting these standards ensures that our learning solutions maintain the highest quality and relevance to current industry requirements

Adaptive Learning Environments

Our simulations offer an adaptive learning environment that adjusts based on the learner’s performance. This personalized approach ensures that learners are continually challenged and allows them to progress at their own pace.

Trackable Progress

Genius Academy's platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, allowing educators to track and monitor student progress over time. This can help identify trends, strengths, and areas for development, leading to data-driven instruction and improved student outcomes.
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