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Genius Academy is dedicated to transforming the teaching and learning of mental health practice through democratizing access to the power of immersive experience.

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Our extensive library of multimedia tools and simulations provides a unique and effective approach to learning that transcends traditional textbook and lecture-based methods, enabling all users to gain a deeper understanding of complex topics in a more engaging and interactive manner.


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Elevate your classroom experience with Genius Academy's innovative short-form simulations.

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Looking to upskill your diagnosis and patient care abilities? 

Easily gain up to 8.5 hours AMA PRA Category 1 hour of your license requirements through our unique narrative pedagogy approach.

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Textbooks Teach. Experience Educates.

Experience next generation counseling, social work, and psychology teaching
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Produced in Hollywood
Backed by Academics
Media Approaches

Genius Academy CONTENT

The Genius Approach

Case StudIES

Transform your learning experience with high-fidelity case studies that add valuable 'human' insight into topics, theories, or examinations of social issues. This creates a compelling experience that facilitates learning through a deeper understanding.
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The Genius Approach

"What's MY diagnosis?"

These videos present a simulated patient 'in session' so that learners can practice and engage their knowledge of the DSM-5-TR criteria inherent in each diagnosis. This is helpful for discussions, tests, quizzes, or exploring a 'caseload' clinical assessment.
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The Genius Approach


These experiential learning videos help students learn about DSM-5-TR disorders. As our simulated patients share their stories, instructional graphics pop up to draw attention to the diagnostic criteria, which relate directly to DSM-5-TR symptomatology.
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Supercharge your mental health curriculum: ON DEMAND

Today’s students often struggle to engage with dense textbooks. Even the best instructors have difficulty helping them connect with the material, especially in an online/hybrid learning environment. Genius Academy takes higher education learning to the next level.
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Enhance your classroom with immersive media experiences
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Genius Media plugs into the way you already teach - and enhances topics & discussions
All our media align to nationally accredited standards for Counseling, Social Work, and Psychology, and is accredited by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, the California Board of Nursing, and more.

Why Universities Love Genius Academy

Genius Academy is the cost-effective, on-demand platform of immersive academic curriculum designed for psychology, social work, and counseling. For more than a decade, the Genius Academy team has been supplying top tier universities with story-based content, resulting in increased retention, higher competency scores and elevated performance in the field.
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Mental Health Case Studies, on-demand

Bring experiential learning to your classroom with our streaming library of academic case studies.
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Produced in Hollywood
Backed by Academics

Curriculum Transformed


Don't take our word for it.

Genius Academy brings real world experience into the classroom

Success for Students

“The dialog was great, authentic, and motivating for students. Thanks to Genius Academy for such high-quality material to make this class a success for students.”
Marva L. Lewis
Ph.D. Tulane University

incredibly helpful in my psychodiagnosis class

“This is fantastic! Genius Academy is incredibly helpful in my psychodiagnosis class……Thank you for providing these great resources.
Psychodiagnosis, Western New Mexico University

the pedagogical experience our students need

“Genius Academy is a company that can help us create the pedagogical experience our students need.”
Professor of Practice & Program Executive Director
Southern Methodist University

Students Love Genius Academy

“We have been using your videos for our training and the students love them, so do we."
Fellow, American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare
USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

Truly Brings you into the Interview

"I particularly liked the directness and relaxed nature of the therapist.   But, the client's acting was excellent as well.  Genius Academy truly brings you into the interview without any sense that these are actors."
Associate Professor
Tulane University School of Social Work.
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Team Genius

Rechanneling the Power of Hollywood

Hollywood techniques can empower educators through immersive storytelling to educate, entertain, and engage students.
July 19, 2021
2 min read

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